With EZWebinar you can create automated sales webinars to multiply your revenue and provide your offers 24/7.


Once registered for your online webinar, you can set reminder emails and post-presentation newsletters for your prospects. In the webinar itself, users are then provided with your content – animated through your pre-defined actions – and then finally offered your product. And the best part is that you will not have to hold those webinars yourself continuously!

With automated webinar actions such as quizzes, file downloads, chat messages and feedback flows, you can simulate a near-live experience for your audience. An online seminar is the perfect way to give your prospects a feeling of exclusiveness, plus you can build trust by providing useful content before trying to make an offer to your followers.



You’ll find a perfect opt-in landing page and other relevant page templates to attract as many prospects as possible. One of the big advantages of a webinar process is that you are given the opportunity to collect your potential customers’ data before you’re able to contact them for follow-up offers – even when they forget to participate in your presentation.