With EZMember, our customers can easily create member areas for their clients. These member areas are mostly used for digital informational products, like recorded video courses and coachings.

Within EZMember, you can easily manage your clients, unlock courses, modules and lessons or even start quizzes to motivate your clients to be more interactive.

Plus, any data you collect from your membership contacts is conveniently stored in EZContacts as well.


With EZMember you can:

  1. Digitize and automate your content
  2. Generate new leads or sell your coaching seminars as digital products
  3. Create individual and exclusive member areas
  4. Bind your customers to you and increase your sales
  5. Build a platform that’s simple and easy to use


You can Install the software with just a few clicks, and it’s very easy to implement. You also will have 24/7 premium support via email, video or voice message, so you’re never on your own!


Within 5 minutes, digitize your content and deliver it exclusively to your target audience.