With EZFunnels you can build up your entire sales process: create your websites with an optimized video player, host your automated sales webinar, collect your customer data and analyze complete statistics of your user behaviour.


It has every marketing step bundled into one software solution – It has never been so easy to control your online business and understand your metrics!

We have prepared funnels for every occasion: sell your products through a Sales or Webinar Funnel, collect contacts through an Optin or Application form Funnel – the possibilities are endless!


Everything is at your fingertips to help you reach your desired business goals.




Within the platform, you can edit your sales process and track your step by step progress in the funnel builder menu. Split test page variations against each other to find out what is more appealing for your target audience. Switch your product selling order to see which upsell brings you more revenue. This feature is revolutionizing online marketing.


You can see from which countries users are reaching out to you, where the majority of your prospects come from, how often they visit your pages and which of them generate the most revenue.


This allows you to get specific demographic information, such as:

  1. How many users visited the Funnel
  2. How many users are bounced by Funnel
  3. How many users attended the webinar
  4. How many users visited the order form
  5. How many users bought your product


If you collect contacts via your funnel, these are stored in EZ Contacts. The pages themselves can be edited by users with the EZPageBuilder.