Email Marketing

Email Marketing.

Did you know that 99% of consumers say they check their email daily?

And that 40% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are a crucial part of their content marketing strategy and success, and 73% of millennials prefer businesses to communicate with them only via email.


Based on these numbers alone you can see the value of implementing email marketing into your brand.


It’s important to keep a pulse on your customers to ensure they’re satisfied with your services, and email marketing is a great way to do this, through customer satisfaction surveys.


Emails can also be used to remind customers that they’ve left something in their cart, or alert them to a new product launch that you think they’d be interested in based on their order history.


Strong communication channels establish trust between customers and your company. When your audience feels like they can talk to you they’re more likely to remain loyal to your brand, and to tell their friends and family about it as well.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  1. Low overhead
  2. Reach an already interested audience
  3. Deliver targeted messages
  4. Drive revenue
  5. Easy to launch
  6. Easy to measure
  7. Easy to share
  8. Reach an international audience
  9. Instant impact
  10. Unparalleled return on investment