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our 10 years working experience design.

Providing the most innovative and effective marketing education and training.

Sky Blue Ocean, headquartered in Dubai, works closely with clients to develop their passion into a thriving business through digital marketing. Using our uniquely tailored training and softwares, we ensure each and every customer has the tools they require to exceed their personal and professional goals. Supported with our uniquely developed software, we are at the forefront of our field as we continue to evolve and educate.


We strive to work hand in hand with you to provide the right tools that every entrepreneur requires to achieve financial freedom.


Our founder, Said Shiripour is a leading entrepreneur and author who has proven the concept and is living this exact freedom. Our team is proud to have him as such a great leader. To learn more about Said Shiripour visit


Sky Blue Ocean is the marketing team you have always dreamed of – providing the expertise, strategy and software to accomplish the results you deserve. How can we help you?


Our Areas of expertise

Digital marketing is a cornerstone of marketing strategies for businesses around the world
SEO focuses on improving your site in order to increase its visibility
PPC is a popular online advertising model which requires advertisers to pay
Marketing softwares are tools that help businesses and individuals attract new customers
Learn how to utilize affiliate marketing to expand brand awareness and reach new clients outside your normal audience
In this day and age, we have access to limitless opportunities online
Social media marketing (SMM) is when a company uses its social media channels to market its products and services
Content marketing works by offering readers valuable information that they find informative and useful, free of charge
Did you know that 99% of consumers say they check their email daily?


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Sky Blue Ocean Software Trading LLC | Arenco Tower | Office 1308, Level 13 | Media City Dubai | U.A.E | P.O. Box 2622


+971 4 423 3654



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